The Layout

The basic idee of this layout is the fact that several trains are ready to roll. This station allows to run trains with a length of 2 or 3 meters according to reality. After the reconstruction of our garden, there remained an old area of a former stone garden that we can use for a garden railway. On this area, you can find the station "Wolfen-Waldau". The marginal area to our next neighbour had been a "dirty spot" for a long time so that we can use it for tracks with a loop.
The plan was created with special software WinRail v. 4.09 by Blumert Software. It was accurate enough to get the right tracks.
The shape of a big "L" was one of the premises given the government of the family, the mother, to protect the lawn. The station has the area of 6.60 x 2.00 meters, the other tracks occupy an area of ca. 20.50 x 1.00 meters. We used standard tracks of LGB.
The longest train that can used without disturbing the other traffic has a length of 2.5 meters.
The circle, that you can see in the left middle on the drawing is an old apple tree stump carrying the control board.
Totally, ca. 100 meters of tracks including 17 switch tracks, 2 double switch tracks and 1 three-way switch track are used. I didn't follow a special situation in reality but the wagons and engines are ones of narrow gauge in the scale of 1 : 22.5.
Special electronical facilities aren't been used, only the engines are controlled digitally.
To get the right feeling for railway especially in the evening, 180 lamps and lamps in all cars are used.
Now the nature has regained its territory, the whole layout is become greener than ever and so it is model garden railway life!

1. Stage of the layout at 1997

Here you find the plan of the first stage of the layout - just click on it. Everybody who is interested in these layouts can download them.

2. Stage of the layout at 1998

Now in the wintertime the railway do its "winter sleep". Now I can do some work with maintainance of the equipment, work on the computer and make some projects for the next year. As every railroader knows a real model railway layout never gets finished. I got the strange feeling to do something because the trains were back in the station after 1 or 2 minutes, they should stay a little longer "on tour". At the station, I won't do any substantial changes only littles things - details like persons, lamps and so on, will have to be done to complete the total impression. Big changes you will find on the "route outside". 45 meters of tracks will be added. Besides of this, a stone mill will begin its work together with a mine, what will be watched by rangers before a wood cabin and a fire watch tower, respectively.
The smaller inner circle on the left handside (red tracks) is the existing return loop.

2. Stage of the layout at 1998

For 1999 no extension of the route are planned, I'll have to install a new control board (the old one was eaten by the ants, slowly but for sure!). Plans are ready for a new one which will be wether-proof and could be closed fastly if a rain will come. The mask of the tracks layout is still finished, the electric components will have to be added yet. In the meantime, it works!!!
Furthermore it is intended to create an additional track to the "roundhause". All the vehicles still have to be set on the tracks by hand, in the future they should roll directly on the layout. An additional switch near the switch tower will enable that.

If there is someone who has any ideas or who knows how to get informations of other existing layout, it would be nice if you can contact me. Thank you!
If the winter is over and I can start with my projects you will be able see the progress of the work on my self-made of the base of the rails page.

As mentioned above you can find here the layout drawings of the stages 1 - 3 for downloading. But these files can only opened with WinZip and WinRail v. 4.0 !

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