Wolfen-Waldau 1996

In the time table, this city most probably wouldn't occur, but you are not wrong. It exists! In the scale of 1 : 22.5. But it took some time to get the situation of today. To show this, I choose some photos from the beginning (1995 - 96). Please excuse the poor quality of the photos, these were the first I took. If you have problems to look, you are invited to see the garden railway in real.


This is the left corner of the layout with the switch tower and the crossing. This part had been completed in 1996; a petrol station with a garage had been added. The conifers at this picture are as big as 20 cm. In the meantime they achieved a height of 120 cm, from this point of view it isn't possible anymore to see the switch tower.


The steam locomotive "STAINZ" in front of the depot, the doors of which can be closed automatically.


Here the station from another perspective. Two locomotives are awaiting new orders.


The steam locomotive 99 5633 in front of the station ready for departure.


An overview of the station area.


The loop from another perspective.
The steam engine shown in the picture has a weight of 4 kilogramms. One time in the past during putting this engine on the tracks, I fell out of the wheel-chair!


Just another detail from the station area with one platform.

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