Sinsheim 1999-2005

In january 1999 I got the opportunity to visit the 3rd Live Steam Meeting in Sinsheim. Entering the halles of the Fair Sinsheim you noticed that you could need strong lungs - all models got fired (coal or gas)! There I could see how Live Steam fans work. Even if I don't become a Live Steam railroader - it is worth seeing! Some photos I took there are on this page. At this place I want to express my thanks to Karlheinz and Manfred, who helped me before and during this stay in Sinsheim.

Hier könnt Ihr bestellen (-:

In the meantime I was also in Sinsheim from january, the 14th - 16th , 2005 at the 9th Live Steam Meeting. About that we made a video about our activities we did there. It contains takes about the big gauges (5 and 7.25 inches), about locos of the gauge IIm as well as takes from the night rides of live steam engines. The video has a length of app. 60 min and you can order it with a fee of 20 € . The sending of an Email with your complete adress is all what you have to do.


Ready for leaving. A lot of fun for the kids - they can go by train.


On the route.... The loco (scale ca. 1:5) drives on 7,25 inch tracks (Hall 1).


Here in a more little scale: Cruisin' on 5 inch tracks (Hall 1 too).


The steam loco 99 211 with full speed on 7.5" tracks. The original loco drove on the german island Wangerooge. By the way, you can get this loco in the scale 1/22.5 too (by REGNER) - as a live-steam loco.


Long trains - no problem. The longest train had more than 60 cars!


Before driving the god of live-steaming has erected the barriere of preparing...


Karlheinz Mattern during the preparations of his loco "Emma". This loco has been built from a kit.


After some testing - "It works...!"


The loco "Frieda" of Manfred Detzner at its first great appearance. It has been built from a kit too - in this case by REGNER.


On the big layout on the desk: "The 'Frieda' draws the whole long and heavy train....!"


The german steam loco 01 by ASTER of the scale 1. This model drove together with 3 cars of the world-famous Orient-Express on the layout.


The german steam loco 41 (scale 1) still without colours. Although a loco hadn't been finished yet it finds an interested audience.


Fresh from the woods of Northern America: A live-steam Shay loco (scale 1).


Somewhat unusual to look at: The german/bavarian "Glaskasterl'" (little glass box) in the scale of 1:32..


But there wasn't only Live Steam - Live "Diesel" was also there. This loco has a little combustion engine driving a generator. This generator provides for the energy needed by electromotors located in the bogies.


In the field of accessoiries you can find Live Steam too. In this case, a fireworks spritze was driven by a steam engine. But why is it the water mill that burns here?!?

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