Netherlands 1998

From the 22nd - 29th of august 1998 I was for a stay in the netherlands. I was in Tilburg, Gouda, Den Haag (with the miniature city Madurodam - worth seeing!!!), Deurne as well as the beach of the Northern Sea at Scheveningen.


Beach mole at Scheveningen - we had luck: Storm und sunshine.


Near Scheveningen the park with the miniature city Madurodam is located.


The netherlands with it's typical or known buildings and landscapes in the scale of 1 / 25, respectively.


In Madurodam you find a railway too. All things from the tracks up to the locos the owners built by themselves! Station Rotterdam Blaak.


Place before the Royal Palace and the National Monument, Amsterdam.


Typical street scenery.


Many trees are cultivated as Bonsai - plantes.


A zoological garden is also located in Madurodam - in this case with real sparrows.


The industry is also present - in the scale of 1 / 25. Besides an oil refinery (with off-shore oil production), a shipyard (with a ship launching), a container terminal, a paintings factory or a highway you find the traditional agricultural facilities like a creamery, farming or wind mills too.


An amusement park with a roller coaster. Short time later we were in De Efteling, a real amusemet park near Waalwijk. There I had the pleasure to take a ride on a roller coaster - for the first time after 25 years.... but I didn't get sick!


This loco should be known.... It is driving in De Efteling Park. /p>


This vehicle I discovered during my visit of the cheese market in Gouda in a little side lane. It should be rebuilt en miniature...


Sunrise near our hotel...

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