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Uwe Maennicke

My name is Uwe Maennicke and I'm 63 years old. I've been sitting in the wheel-chair for over 30 years. The heavy paralyzation required an occupation to improve the residual functions ... and to have fun! From former days, there was the occupation with model railways of the scale 1 : 120. From this time, there remained only some special exhibition models in a vitrine, the major part of the collection has got the nephew now who is fool for model railway too. Unfortunately, this collection has been stolen short time ago )-: .

Beside the model railway, the occupation with computers becomes important. The planning of the garden railway isn't the only task for that device; one fine day, it shall control the engines on the tracks or the work updating this web site, but time is tight for a pensioner....

Additional to that, I'm interested in working with pictures on the computer and in web-design. Together with the knowledge of the english and french language I realize projects in the Internet together with other friends. If there is anywhere a problem on a computer of a friend I'm naturally a sought contact partner too.

Despite of the heavy paralyzation, there remains a residual movability. I use it for the engagement for disabled people who hadn't so much "luck" as I. Everybody who is interested on this fact can contact the Club for Handicapped People and Their Friends in Bitterfeld.

Here are some important stages of my life (dates as mm/dd/yy):

If you interested in getting more information about model railway or problemes of handicapped people (or other themes), you can contact me by

Telefon +49 (0) 3494/ 24019




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