Meetings of garden railway

In this area I want to show photos in no particular order being taken during meetings of garden railway fans or at home at my layout. The earlier mentioned television broadcast resulted to a lot of visitors coming over here (the longest journey of all had a family from the U.S.A. - the Peters family was here in november 2000) to see the layout with their own eyes on one side and on the other, on fairs or exhibitions there was the opportunity to pick up the acquaintances of people who saw the broadcast too and who recognized me. Then the homepage resulted of course to certain level of publicity and as a consequence I've got under my name "bahnrolli" many contacts to other fans of the modell railways meanwhile. Since I was for the first time in the internet with my own homepage some years ago this development wasn't to be expected - that's why I'm glad about that because it shows that this beautiful and especially creative hobby has many adherents.
Especially I'm happy about the fact that these contacts exceed the circle of railway fans. One example is a special lesson in a school in Cologne/Germany where I could talk a little bit about me and my interests additional to some vehicles I showed there. But one thing after another.

Klasse 8a

The class 8a of the Municipal School of Educationally Subnormal Children Kolkrabenweg

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