Downwards (-:)_...

Bahnrolli at the Red Sea

And now to the real location we travelled to - the Red Sea. We booked all inclusive in Germany including the service by a dive center - in this case it was the Duck-Dive-Center . It belongs to the hotel. After clearing all the bureaucratic modalities we got all the necessary parts to complete our equipment: bottles, lead etc. In addition to the equipment we got a dive-guide (at this point many greetings to chris again) who knew the areas and gave us advices before during the briefing every dive about specialities of the dive area we went to. Temperature of the air 24 - 28 degrees - water temperature 25 degrees Celsius - heart what do you want more...
Per HSA we got the dive computer "Aquapilot" for testing purposes. After initial problems (we forgot to readjust the maximum dive depth - one should perhaps read the manual before diving...) I had a relaxed diving because the dive computer tares automatically by the valve unit being mounted on the jacket. Initially Lutz tried very hard to keep down into depth (then I did a headstand in the water) but after switching on the computer tares me again constantly to 9 m how it was adjusted... But now we know that this part is working... (-;


Empty beach in the morning.
The boats were still laying on the landing stage - about 9 o'clock a.m. we went out and about 4 p.m. we got back.


Repacking all the equipemnt in boxes being placed surely on the boat during the week.


Out to the sea.
We partly had our dive areas 15 km before the coastline - we even needed 1 hour to get there.
I stood with my wheelchair side by side to the equipment - this was most steady place on the boat. Nevertheless it rocked hardly sometimes...

Direct dive preparations after briefing.
Lutz mounts my jacket and connects the bottle. After that I was dressed on. It took 3 quarters of an hour before everybody had his equipment on.
We dived in groups of 3 or 4 persons on average.


And then downwards...
Now I saw in situ the blaze of colors. Initially I had many to do with myself so it could happened that my attention was directed by my dive buddies to things I failed to see at first. But what should I say - pictures tell more than 1.000 words...


An anemo fish in "its" anemone. (no ... you are wrong ... it wasn't Nemo ... (-; )


A giant moray in a threatening position.
Many many sharp teeth.... (-;
The biggest fishes I saw on my divings there was a swarm of barracudas (1 - 1,5 m).


A lionfish with its splendor.




(for explanation: it is a notice in the dive log - viele bunte Fische in German - many colored fishes... (-; ).


Dive rookies in the Red Sea had to be baptized in the right way. The brew coming through the snorkel contained among others: Cola, ketchup, tabasco, salt, pepper...
The sea sickness was small matter compared to this...


Finally a little slap with a fin was given to the bottom (the following obligatory bath was omitted with mercy (-; ).

It was the first travel with diving to me. Although pharao hit me finally with his terrible revenge (half of the group was infected) it won't be the last journey. The dive certificate being international valid gets dive areas into sight which former only could be seen per TV. In any case I have the desire...

* sub-marin photos: © VIDEOBUBBLES

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