In the meantime, there has been collected a lot of devices keeping connected meaningfully with other on a functional way. This doesn't concern not only both computers but all the other audiovisual components too. This required some logistic preliminary work thus creative ideas don't get struck in the bushes of cable connections as well as loose plug contacts. At earlier times I had to examine at first if there all devices are working now I can react fastly to appearing tasks by pushing a button.

A "simple" compilation of all components (-;

During a renovation of my flat carried out in 2004, 250 m of cables had been layed in a new distribution and and 34 plug sockets had been installed. The gray hairs and the hours I spent in internet forums during installation of this cable salade I don't rather want to count. Sometimes I got the feeling that either my head is to litte to face all the facts or I'm too old for this sh*** Especially the configuration of the Windows-Network showed some deficits ... (-;

Total vernetzt

... and if it works it can look like this (-: .
In the background works "Susi", right above the view of the FINDER of "Rolli" with all mounted drives released by "Susi" and right down there is "Leppi"

But strangely, I can state all parts of the equipment run without humming, whistling or rattling except if "Susi" makes trouble. But this is another part of the story....

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