Wolfen-Waldau 1998

The extension has been finished in juni 1998. Some photos of this significant event in the history of the garden railway Wolfen-Waldau are to see on this page. As it can be seen on the drawing of stage 2 a "bath site for the birds" has been added where a water mill went into operation. A tunnel made of 1,5 tons of field rocks has also been built.
Just have fun on looking at the pictures!


Here you see the steam locomotive "Mallet" on the "old" tracks; in the foreground you see the new line with a little red strip that will be cut through in the solemn opening ceremony.


Excitement short before the opening ceremony. He must go urgently to the toilet...


Mother at the cutting through of the red strip. The train in the background is still waiting impatiently...


Total overview of the layout. In the middle you find the old returning loop with the farm. The tunnel with the gravel works and the second returning loop is to see in the background. Meanwhile we have more than 100 m of tracks on the layout.


New-built corner of the layout with a water mill (with a turning wheel driven by water like in reality) with a bath site for the birds and a signal.


The portal of the new-built tunnel. About 1,5 tons of field rocks had been used totally.


Second little station (Teufelsmühle, Devil's Mill) in the back of the layout with the gravel works. The pasture has to be fenced in yet.


The second returning loop with tunnel, fire watch tower and gravel works on one view. A short goods train at the station Teufelsmühle.


The engineer is fell out off the loco...!?

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* Photos 1995 - 1998; the last two photos are friendly provided by fam. Klünder from Steinfurt (Westphalia/Germany).

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