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Now you can visit a new part of the city of Wolfen: Wolfen-Waldau. The only problem is that only very small people can enter. They must be as small as 10 centimeters, if you are bigger you can't pass the doors.

Like in real life, at first there is a plan. Unfortunately, it isn't in scale, but the major idees are to see. And if you are disappointed about the poor quality (GIF-files), please look at my self-made page to download the drawings.

The photos have been taken from the year 1995 till now (2002). Our Internet-provider spent more space for homepages that's why you can find besides some pictures already known new ones showing the extension of 1998. All photos are available in a better quality now. I hope the download won't last very long (file size per picture ca. 22 - 30 kB - please be patient during loading). On my videopage you can find some videoclips about the layout.

For this year, the planning of an extension of the existing layout to the "locomotive roundhause" is under way. The changes are already approved by the home government.

And, so the story goes on...

You can see all the plans as drawings on my layout page.

On another page I present photos and drawings (as far as possible) of self-made cars or wagons and the possibility to download the plans as *.zip-files, respectively. To open these files you need WinZip and the planification software WinRail V. 4.0 (full version!). If you don't have the right version you are not able to open these files!
Some is already finished, the coreesponding photos you find on that page. In the future, it will show the progress on the extension of the existing layout and other projects. An occasional visit will be worthwhile for you!

A new field of interests has been added now - photos with friends during official meetings and meetings of visitors seeing my layout at home. Pictures of Sinsheim (1999/ 2001) are included as well as a special lesson in a class of a school in Cologne where I could show why my name in the Internet is "Bahnrolli" (-; .

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