Just a normal weekend...

On this page I compilated some photos and informations about a normal dive including the necessary preparations. The photos come at first from a dive meeting "Mitteldeutsche Drucklufttage" at the lake of Cospuden near Markkleeberg (near Leipzig/middle Germany) at the beginning of june 2002 and then from a dive near my hometown of Wolfen. The dives lasting up to 45 minutes has to be prepared very carefully regarding the safety of all participating divers so these preparations can take up to several hours.
At this place I want express my warm thank to Frank Henschler for permitting me publishing the photos on this page.


At first dressing on. Because of the arrangement of the zippers it goes relatively fast. With the help of my buddies it takes only 10 to 15 minutes.


Dressing on the gloves before entering water. The wheel-chair carrying me into the water got big tires on its back wheels preventing us from sinking deeply into the sand of the beach.


Now we are already at the end of the dive. Before entering the wheel-chair I dress off my jacket with all the equipment and it will be taken to the beach.


Now it becomes complicated: the big tires don't want to get under the water surface...


..one, two ... and go" (and I even just lost 10 kg of weight...)


Save the mask and then we get off. During Olaf is getting me out you see on the right my dive buddy for this dive, Mirco Sproß, of the diving school Kamski.


Here we are at the entrance site for divers at the lake of Cospuden. I got my foot weights on being important for a correct buoyancy swimming position during my diving.

In relation to this I want give an emergency call to all: The wheel-chair of the diving school Kamski is a wonderful tool to get a handicapped into the water but it has one decisive lack: It has no footrests. If a medical supplier has perhaps a pair of such footrests of an old german MEYRA wheel-chair the team of the diving school Kamski (and, of course, the handicapped too) would be very happy!!!


Here we are in the lake "Friedhofssee" near my hometown of Wolfen, in Zschornewitz. Olaf dresses me my jacket on after getting on his own equipment. Because of the fact that the second buddy (in this case Frank, the photographer) has to get ready in time for diving the preparations have to be done in a logical way.


On adjusting the dive computer. I use the Aquapilot providing for an automatical taring.


On making films. Of course, the camera has go into the water too...


On our way through the lake. Olaf supports me on moving by the handle on top of the bottle.


Despite of the fact that the sight wasn't really the best we wanted to know where we had to dive to: Olaf on determing the direction.


A pike sees these strange actions of some silly divers absolutly cool.


The handicap diving doesn't wake not only the curiosity of the doctors generally (we had and have, respectively, invitations to dive-medical seminars of doctors of all disciplines to report about our experiences) but during my health resort in Kreischa in march 2002 the patients and nurses/physiotherapists were very interested in these activities and saw for instance the film we made in the Red Sea last year.

*Photos: © Frank Henschler, Bahnrolli 2002
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