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Please excuse me that the links on this page are related to domains with german language. But I think if you look for Handicap or Paraplegia, you find something adequate in english domains.

Now some information about my handicap.

As a consequence of an accident in the year 1976, I get a complete tetraplegy in the region of C5/C6. To a contemporary happened the same fatial accident, you are right: It was Christopher Reeve, "Superman" (who unfortunately deceased on 10th of october in 2004) in the wheel-chair.

The tetraplegia is from shoulders downwards completely; even the movability of hands and fingers is restricted. Sometimes, you had the question on your lips: Is this a worthwhile life to live with such a handicap? After 28 years I can say, it is! Some people I know are of the same opinion. It is the Club for Handicapped People and Their Friends in Bitterfeld which is involved in the problems of handicapped people. A trip to this site will enjoy you!

On the following pages you find some of my activities. The thoughtlessness as well as the indifference to our problems urges a disabled to activity. That begins with the misuse of parking sites for disabled people (at least here in Germany).

To be active you have to be able to move from one place to the other, you need the right opportunities. Facilities of municipal transport are rare, so you need the possibility of using cars or bikes (or trike!). On the links-page of our Club you find some other idees and devices to drive cars with an handicap.

Another important assumption to be active is of course a good health. I have a receipt for that: Diving for disabled people. The chances are good to develop a medical therapy from this experiment.

If you are still looking for further information about diving or motorization for disabled please take a look at my links page or at the links page of our club in Bitterfeld. If there any questions left please send me an email I'll answer it as fast as passible.

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